RDP Monday: Snazzy

Of course all roosters look quite snazzy, it is just the way they are: a plume of feathers and looking like they are fresh from the hairdresser, but this one is a special rooster. This was a few years ago and he is probably now looking after a harem in the eternal chicken coop. His name was Harold and lived at the nearby farm. One evening the fox arrive, but Harold was not having any of that. He fought to protect his henfolk and lost a few feathers during the fight, but the fox ran off empty pawed and the hens were saved. I gave him a medal thanks to photoshop, he deserved it.

Since the legendary Harold there have been many roosters, this being the chief at the moment. One more snazzy than the other, but being snazzy is not the answer. You have to have courage to become a second Harold.

RDP Monday: Snazzy

9 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Snazzy

  1. I always think of the lyrics from HAIR / My conviction:
    I would just like to say that it is my conviction
    That longer hair and other flamboyant affectations
    Of appearance are nothing more
    Than the male’s emergence from his drab camoflage
    Into the gaudy plumage
    Which is the birthright of his sex
    There is a peculiar notion that elegant plumage
    And fine feathers are not proper for the male
    When ac——tually
    That is the way things are
    In most species

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