Good Evening

What a wonderful sunny day it was today. A real Sunday to enjoy outside. I was off to see Mr. Swiss again. He lives now in such a lovely place. It is an old building, but modernised inside. It is all built in old brickwork and a lot of care is taken to make it look inviting. I was there last week when they put up two large sunshades outside to make it shady in the courtyard. During the warmer months the golden oldies usually have their meals outside. This evening a grill will be organised for the evening meal for a bar-b-que.

This afternoon I at last discovered the pigs. They have two with plenty of moving space.

They seemed to be quite happy in their living quarters.

I also discovered a second pond although a little more neglected than the other pond but it did not seem to bother the pigs who were near the pond.

Although the rabbits have quite a large “house” which they share with the chickens, they seem to prefer to be outside sheltering between the wall and their house.

And of course where would we be without a chicken keeping everything under control. I think they even lay eggs now and again, although they are just kept for the fun of it.

Mr. Swiss and spent the afternoon in the pavilion in his home outside. Tomorrow rain has been forecast, although not so much, but I will probably have a day at home. I do not have to go to the store for anything. Actually I have enough food for the week for my son and I. I will be getting another delivery on Tuesday so what could be better. I might even watch TV this evening if I can remember how it works. It must be at least a month since I actually switched it on. I am still busy organising my home, although I now have only two large drawers to discover what they contain. It seems one is full of holiday brochures, maps and tourist details of places we visited when going on holiday. I see no sense in keeping it all, as I will no longer be going to such places and I have the photos as memories of the places we visited.

So I wish you a good rest of the week-end. We now have a new week ahead of us.

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