Good Evening

Another wonderful sunny day – t-shirt and shorts weather again. I never thought I would get there this year. I suppose as you get older you are more careful about light summer dress, but I am getting a lightly tanned skin already.

I had to go to town for a few items I needed, but not too much. I was organising my orchids this morning and discovered a new orchid that had formed from an older one, so I needed some orchid earth to pot it in. My orchid fertiliser was also finished and I cannot order that online. Town was also showing itself from the Summer side. There was even a snack bar in the middle of the street where you could have something to eat and drink.

And there was a queue of people waiting for their ice cream. The town was full of people. It is a small town but since the Covid attack people were becoming scarce, but now they are back again.

It is certainly more welcoming now

The side alleys had less people, more to meander through the street. They are the places where I miss my Mr. Swiss. In the past days we would often go into town in the good weather in the afternoon just for a walk, perhaps hand in hand, but that is now a thing of the past. However, I told him I would be in town, but if I had time on the way home I would call past, which of course I did. It is strange but sometimes at home I would like to have contact and suddenly the phone rings and he calls me – must be telepathy.

So I left the town behind me after getting what I needed at the store and joined Mr. Swiss in the garden of his Golden Oldie home. It is very pleasant to sit outside and I am now getting to know the people there. I stayed for an hour but afterwards made my way home as I had the evening meal to prepare for No. 1 son. It is now just him and me at home.

And now to spend the evening with I, me and myself and some music and my computer. My action days are also now a thing of the past. I wish you all a good week-end.

This wild flower meadow is growing next to the estate where I live.

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