Good Evening

So what did we do today? Yes, it was again market day, but this time the usual Wednesday morning fruit and vegetable market. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky and I could now wear my sleeveless t-shirts and shorter trousers, a summer day with temperatures up to 27° C. Who knows, I might even get a sun tan.

The market was ready and waiting, although I am a bad customer. I just wheel through on my scooter and take photos.

There was plenty of fruit to be seen and other products of the local farms.

There were flowers to be seen everywhere, now the Summer days are upon us.

It is also salad time and there was plenty to choose from. Now that I seem to be a regular visitor on Wednesday morning I notice that there is not a lot of variation for me, but I like to enjoy the atmosphere.

I never buy anything, just have a look at what is being offered.

Not even the delicacies being offered do not interest me.

And so I moved on and decided to take the riverside path on the way home.

Now that Covid seems to be slowly a thing of the past there are more people on their way. You now never see a mask anywhere and keeping your distance is no longer a rule. It could also now be a bad dream, although it is still hovering somewhere I am sure.

And so I made my way home. I decided I would visit my Mr. Swiss in the afternoon which I did. It was such wonderful weather we were outside in the pavilion. And that was my day today Tomorrow will be a day of rest as I have a few things to organise at home. I seem to spend far too much time lurching around. I wish you all a good remainder, or perhaps beginning of the day wherever you are.

8 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good Day!
    It certainly looks summery there, or at least springy (well, like springtime), except for all those apples. They must have been in storage for a while, or came from the Southern Hemisphere.

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