Good Evening

Yesterday was a bit of a busy day for me so I took the day off from writing anything. It began to rain in the morning. I just managed to get to the local government offices, on the right on the picture through the trees, to deposit my voting papers. I get them by post and have time until 15th April, but I had made my decisions. I hd to get a new envelope as the other one got somehow torn. There were referendums for the national vote and three for our Kantonal vote. Voting in Switzerland is quite a regular thing for various decisions to be made.

Anyhow, on the way back home I sort of took the wrong turning and found myself in the other end of the village.

When you start seeing cows in the village you know you are in the wrong place as they are at the end of the village. Anyhow they made a good photo.

This is the village square with playground for the kids and even a table tennis, meaning I was again near my home.

Although I did drift a little. Instead of a 10 minute walk home it became an hour. I was quite exhausted when I reached home.

And then the rains came, just once but all day into the night. Today it was just a little dull and damp outside, but I managed an afternoon visit to Mr. Swiss. And now it is Friday again. Time goes so fast at the moment. I had my Friday morning delivery of groceries this morning, so we are all set for the week-end food.

It seems that the sparrows now have the habit of gathering in the garden before lunch. I no longer feed them, but they always find something to eat. My little bird house seems to interest them.

7 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good morning … you are correct that time appears to be going fast for many of us at the moment … I am not sure why. We need to slow down and enjoy the moments .. by … one … Take care and have a great day … SLP …

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