Good Evening

This afternoon was really an afternoon together with the chickens. My stepdaughter arrived and together we visited Mr. Swiss. He was so pleased to see her, and so was I actually, It has been many years but a wonderful meeting. We sat outside in the home where Mr. Swiss is and caught up with news. I made myself busy seeing what the chickens were doing outside. It will be a quick contribution this evening and I really only have chickens to show.

Chickens also have their interesting sides.

The men were busy cleaning out the coop and one of them told me that there were new arrivals, still in their box. He said I could take a look and lifted the lid for me. These are youngsters, but he said with time they will begin to have enough eggs to supply for the home.

There were a few rabbits laying around, but not so energetic.

And that is all my news for today, I was so busy with the family. I hope to have more action tomorrow although the weather forecast does not look so good and we might be having rain again. Keep safe and well.

5 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good morning … so many varities there are !!! Perhaps Mr. Swiss’ new residence can get goats and then they can have cheese??? Seriously .. animals are a great therapy tool for those in need of a friend and some someone to be on their side in life. Have a great day. SLP …

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