Good Evening

Looks good so I got ready. and left the garage on my scooter.After half a minute I returned again because it again began to rain, and so the afternoon continued. In between the sun was shining but no point in gong anywhere. I also managed to get a cold yesterday with a sore throat and all the trimmings so I decided it would be safer to stay at home. I called Mr. Swiss to say today no visit. He said he had already had a visitor his doctor had called past to see how he was doing and he has some different medication.

My cleaning lady was here this morning and now I have a nice clean kitchen and shower. I no longer use the bathroom so much as I cannot get in or out of the bath and just use it for cleaning teeth at the sink. She just gives it a once over now and again. She helped me out with a few computer problems. That lady can do everything.

Otherwise it was a slow afternoon.

My only photos today are from my herb bed in the garden and it is doing well. It is in front of the kitchen window-door so is handy when I am cooking. I just gather what I need. Everything is growing nicely.

My chives and sage are growing nicely. I no longer make so much salad as No. 1 son does not like salad so much and it is not worth while making a sauce just for me. My chives are growing but no-one cuts them. I should apply them more to my vegetable, such as cooked potatoes.

I did have a visitor this afternoon and saw through the window that the neighbour’s cat Joux-Joux paid a visit to my garden. She likes to sleep on my chairs outside, and I have the pleasure of removing her fur afterwards.

I also noticed I had a visitor in my garden cupboard. They are also now awakening in the warmer weather and exploring all the nooks and crannies. As long as he stays outside it is OK.

And I am hoping for better weather tomorrow. Mr. Swiss just sent me some selfies on my phone. His shaved face is now showing the beginnings of his beard again and I am glad. And now to move on. Have a good one.

Greetings from the first baby apple.

20 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Love your herb garden. I’m wondering if I can grow one in the house since our outdoors growing season is so short.

    When we had our bathroom remodeled, they removed the tub because I couldn’t get in or out of it either. I’m still wary of even the shower because the floor gets slippery and I’ve fallen a few times on it. I suppose age just is.

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    • I have a good mat in the shower and have neveer slipped on it. I have a small bath carpet o the floor which is also quite good so I rarely have to walk on the slippery tiles.
      Herbs are usually quite hard plants, with a few exceptions so they should grow OK outside. They need light and water of course.


    • Grow lights are available in many sizes, and even a small, inexpensive one will help you manage an indoor herb garden. I suggest you get one with a programmable time feature, but even manual grow lights work just as well for growing herbs.

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  2. I hope the weather clears so you can enjoy the outdoors again soon. The herbs look wonderful — I have thought of trying to grow some near my kitchen window, too!

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    • From tomorrow the weather should be better. My herbs have never disappointed me and they regrow every year. It is only basil I have to get fresh every year as that does not survive the Winter.


  3. Your herb garden is looking wonderful. My husband and son are fixing a wall in my garden so had to dig up some of my herbs. A bit upsetting, but the root system is strong so they will grow back again, but still…. It’s good to see Joux-Joux again. She is a cutie.

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      • Well, that is normal for even the most productive of apples trees. The particular apple tree at work that I have been working with for a while needed to be cut back and restructured, so did not produce much fruit last year. It should be somewhat productive this year, and bloomed well.

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