RDP Monday: Mustard

Oh Colman’s Mustard you were spicy and hot
My nose became a very hot spot
My dad liked it and so did my mum
It was the only mustard that made our ears hum
Spread on your food and it was almost a slaughter
The only cure was to drink cold water
But we came again and again for another dose
It was the one that we all liked the most
Those hot days are gone but I still have the tin
To remind me of the times when it was my favourite sin

RDP Monday: Mustard

8 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Mustard

      • Sorry, I totally disagree. It’s just hot but no taste!! 😀 I think it’s one of these “nostalgia flavours”. Because we had in our childhood and youth we associate good things with it but objectively …

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          • I’ve never seen it in Germany which sometimes leaves me to improvise with my South African recipes. Ready made mustard I prefer either a variety from east Germany or Dijon (the coarse variety). Have you heard that there is a shortage coming our way? I’ve read an article somewhere.

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          • There seems to be a shortage of a lot of things at the moment and I noticed prices are increasing for all sorts of items. I always have a tube of dijon mustard at home.


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