Good Evening

I hope that today was the last day of rain for a while. It stopped this afternoon for an hour when I escaped to the outside world and visited my Mr. Swiss. I had not seen him since last Friday and what a difference a couple of days makes. At last he has regained some of his lost weight, and is looking better for it. He has also had a short back and sides. One of the lady carers gave him a beard trim today and went a little too far. He still looks good but without his three-day beard and other facial growths he is not my Mr. Swiss, although in a few days it will return. Mr. Swiss was not at all happy about it. It seems the lady got carried away with the razor which Mr. Swiss never uses and prefers the electric shaver. Everyone in his Golden Oldie home found it looked good however.

I must say the horses were looking particularly good today at the farm. After leaving Mr. Swiss I decided to make the most of it as it had not yet began to rain again. However when I arrived home the rain returned.

I noticed when visiting Mr. Swiss he had also received his paper to vote for our referendums mid May. I have now decided to deepen my interest in Swiss politics being now alone and had been researching the details and yes I will be voting on the various items. I seem to have a new hobby. Mr. Swiss said he has not yet looked at the details. You should deposit your votes in the special boxes at the local government office or in Mr. Swiss case they have put such boxes in his home which I can also use. Perhaps I am no longer an Angloswiss, but an Anglo Swiss-Swiss. I will also be busy this evening paying a few bills via my telephone although I programme the paying in dates. It is now quite fun with these new qr code documents, almost fool proof: just scan it and the rest is automatic. I just programme the date I want it to be paid.

Further to my farm visit. The chickens were also making the most of the afternoon in the chicken run. The rooster was nowhere to be seen, and who needs a rooster.

And now to the rest of the day which will probably be a little bit of television. The rain should really stop tomorrow and let us hope that the sun shines through again.

These clouds hanging over our heads can really get a little annoying.

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