Good Evening

I did not even bother to go outside to take this photo, but did it through the window. Why? Because it has been raining all afternoon. It is cold outside and miserable and with no possibility to stay dry if I go anywhere. I am in lock down at home. One advantage is that you can sleep better in such weather.

This guy seemed to be quite happy in this weather and was looking for a nice comfortable place to stay.

Admittedly it was not the best looking worm I had seen, but I am sure his/her mother loved it. I am still trying to find which end is the head.

So what do you do with such an afternoon. I discovered a lot of my old CD’s this week and thought it would be a good idea to transfer the music to my computer. I had a look in Internet to see how it works, and it seem it is all done with the windows media player so no problem. I found the Windows media player, followed the instructions and uploaded a CD, what could be more difficult. My next step was to transfer it all to a hard disc as I did not want to exhaust the memory on my computer. Easier said than done, although I managed to transfer one CD to the hard disc. However, it would not accept more. The windows media player is OK, but I had problems finding the various guidelines on he screen and try as I did it remained with just one CD. I eventually gave up after 2 hours and decided I needed help from a human being. At least I had some excitement this afternoon.

This little guy also appeared in my apartment this week, and he was quite big. I decided it was a kingsized wasp although I had my doubts whether it could be a hornet. He seemed to be exhausted and so I had the opportunity for a photo.

And that was my exciting day – wet, wet, wet. Tomorrow will probably not be much better. Luckily I have enough food to survive until the weather improves. I hope your day was better.

13 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good Day!
    Hornets and wasps can be a problem at work, especially since we work in public landscapes. It is bad enough that they come after me if I step on one of their nests, but it is much worse if they go after a guest! We sometimes put out traps (for the wasps and hornets, not the guests). What I find amusing about the traps is that their directions explain how to identify the various species of wasps and hornets, as if I intend to get close enough to get acquainted with them! I do not care who they are. I just want them dead!

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  2. I wanted to transfer some CDs onto something I could play in the car, but it’s such a slow process, I gave up the idea. They haven’t improved the process at all in a long time. It’s really really SLOW.

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