Good Evening

It was another morning expedition for me today. It is Wednesday, our weekly fruit, veg and flower market and after my escapade last week I decided that since my new life as a “single” I do not have to restrict my escapes to the outside world only to the afternoon, but morning is also there for exploring. I stopped hugging my bed at the usual time, not wanting any stress, and did my usual daily cleaning chores to the accompaniment of the British Classic Fm Radio and was finished with everything at 10.15 so there was nothing to stop me. I saddled my scooter and was off into town to be greeted with a wonderful sea of colour from the flowers.

We also have vegetables as this lady was showing everyone with her pick of the day in the form of a giant leek.

Tomatoes are also beginning to appear and there is a good choice. I used to grow my own from seed and always had a good crop, but as a golden oldie I cannot do it now and so I buy them in the grocery store.

Geraniums are one of the main plants for the balcony and there was a good choice.

And pots of herbs are always a favourite.

I am so glad I have discovered this market. My Swiss mother-in-law was always a regular visitor. I remember her excursions to the Saturday morning market, where she would dress in her best for the occasion. I have not yet progressed to Saturday morning as Saturday lunch would suffer if I decided to go. Perhaps I could talk my son into eating lunch on Saturday in a street café with me but it would mean he would have to stop hugging the bed before 11.00 a.m. and I would not want to disturb his Saturday routine.

The town is awakening again after the years of Covid and there were plenty of customers. This is one of the organic food suppliers which see to be quite popular.

Not everything is market and on this street just outside the town there are the stores. I had to call in at the chemist and parked my scooter outside. It was just a short walk with my walker to the store as Mr. Swiss found he needed some chocolate rations. Eventually I was on my home run again and arrived with time to spare. I cooked myself a small bite and had my midday sleep at the usual time.

The afternoon was a visit to Mr. Swiss and when I got home had a few bills to pay, although a short task today with this QR thing. Just scan the qr picture with the telephone app and in a second the bill is paid, although I must admit as a golden oldie it sometimes goes a little too fast. In Switzerland by the end of the year only this online system will be available. There are still some that prefer to pay their bills at the post office although I do not know if the old system will still exist.

It is now evening, so let us see what tomorrow holds, although I have no plans. May your tomorrow be a good day and if not, make the most of it.

11 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. The market looks very colourful and morning is probably the best time to see it. I pay all my bills online but haven’t learned about QR code apps as yet. I only really discovered QR when we had to do Covid check in, that’s over now. I suppose that there will have to be some means for people to pay bills other than that because if it is like Australia, there will be many older people who are not as tech savvy and won’t understand the new ways of doing things and won’t be able to or won’t want to learn.

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    • The market is a once a week occasion and only takes place in the morning.
      I really try to keep up with the new developments in online business. QR code simplifies paying bills. However I can imagine it can be a problem for some.especially the elderly not acquainted with computers

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