4 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Irrelevant

  1. Oh my! That is almost creepy!
    When I was a little tyke, I was afraid to sit on Santa Claus’s lap for a photograph. We were at a big and fancy department store in San Jose, where I should have been behaving myself, but instead, was kicking and screaming to avoid Santa Claus. When I finally got to Santa Claus, I got a whiff of his breath, which smelled strongly of whiskey, and therefore smelled just like my Uncle Bill! Well, anyone who smells like Uncle Bill is totally awesome. I wanted to stay all day with Santa Claus. In the old picture, it is obvious that the pink and drooling Santa Claus had been indulging in copious ‘Christmas cheer’. How could my Mother have missed that?

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      • Modern Santa Claus is not even as approachable as he used to be. I remember when he was jolly and plump, with a fluffy white beard (and smelled like whiskey). Nowadays, he is tall and gaunt with his emaciated face mostly obscured by a shabbier beard.

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