Good Evening

What do you do when you have received your shopping from the store, finished the housework chores and you are ready to go for Easter. I hate Easter, the worst holiday of the year: stores closed on Friday and Monday and Saturday the day of crazies when the housewives, even families, as sure that the famine has broken out and storm the towns for last minute food. On the other hand if you can be patient, the easter chocolate bunnies and eggs will all be to have at half price in the last half hour before the stores close on Saturday evening. Me? I do not bother, I have already got what I need, all a matter of planning.

This chicken is now having a well earned rest after laying so many eggs for the Easter

as well as her friend.

And the rooster has had enough of Easter, too much stress with all those hens.

A pleasant day today, warm and sunny, and some interesting clouds floating by. Our village was lookig good and everything quiet. I sometimes think I am the only person here and everyone else has left. I do not see or hear anyone during the the day. even when I visit Mr. Swiss I think we are the only two people in the golden oldie home.

I noticed that a second booster is now on offer for the Covid curse, but this time I am not going to bother. My son and his wife and two kids all got the dreaded after being vaccinated with the booster and the jabs. My cleaning lady picked it up on her Spanish holiday and had also had all the jabs, so why bother. I am fed up with being a guinea pig for the medical industry. I know someone that does not believe in vaccinations and had none, as well as her children and family and she is covid free, no-one had it in her family. It is becoming a status symbol and I am fed up. No more jabs for me thankyou. Suddenly no-one needs a mask and we can all go to restaurants and have parties – strange happenings in our Covid infected world.

So on this note I leave you to have a happy Easter if you are having one. I will continued as always, no stress or fuss because it is Easter. May the chickens now have a restful time. My fridge has 20 eggs and I have 6 painted eggs from the store, what could be better.

12 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Great photos of the chickies out looking for their Easter goodies !!! We send the warmest wishes for the Easter Season to you and your beloved family members. SLP …

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  2. You know why the unvaccinated had no Covid (yet) Because the others around her were responsible and did what had to be done.
    If they offer you a fourth vaccine – take it. For Mr Swiss’ sake and that of the other residents in his senior citizens’ home. For all of those who cannot be vaccinated. For yourself – as Covid is less harmful when you get your vaccinations. Those on ventilation – are the unvaccinated.

    Do it for yourself. Don’t listen to the idiots. You are not a guinea pig. Not after billions have received the vaccines. This thing is a lot safer than getting Covid.

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  3. Great poultry photos. The rooster is a beauty. I don’t know why people panic shop at Easter. Nobody is going to run out of food, especially here where the supermarket is only closed for ONE day. Hot cross buns have been on sale since Christmas (makes me so mad) and Easter Eggs since at least Valentine’s Day so nobody needed to panic but they always do.
    We are spending Easter quietly at home. We may go out Sunday to a market or for lunch. Yesterday it rained all day but that was good. It’s been so dry here.
    A fourth booster is being offered to over 65’s only here. I will be 65 next month so I will probably get it but not till July or August, three or four months after my third one.
    Have a nice restful long weekend.


    • Our supermarkets are only open on Saturday. After Christmas we have the carnival sweets in the stores and then the Easter eggs are not far behind. We do not have hot cross buns in Switzerland. I miss them. It must be at least 50 years since I had one.I will get the fourth booster if I can get it in the local chemists.

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