FOWC with Fandango: Petition

Petition is a way of life in Switzerland. You find that some laws are not correct and could be improved? This is no problem. According to Swiss Law you can collect the required amount of signatures on a supplied document (yes that also exists) and when you have enough you can submit them to the parliament for the vote. For important issues the signature collectors are shown on the news bringing their many boxes and cases of the required signatures to prove their case. After a while it will be brought to the vote, and hence voting has become a pastime here. I am not sure of how it is organised, but we are continually being asked to vote.

This was a good example when a farmer decided it was not OK to remove the cow horns before they began to grow. The idea was that it was less dangerous without horns but this farmer found it was natural for a cow to have horns. Actually I agreed with this farmer, but the signatures were collected and it was voted upon. However, the cows still have no horns (at least most of them) because the vote was NO. Yes, we Swiss are petition experts.

FOWC with Fandango: Petition

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