RDP Wednesday: Security

Not that Mr. Swiss was a security freak, although he always made sure that everything was secure if we sent anywhere and locked all the outside doors even if we were at home. Windows were always closed if we were not at home. Although today you can never be too careful. Our neighbour’s apartment was broken into because she left a window open and the thieves managed to make off with some of her jewellery.

However, whilst organising a cupboard yesterday I came across this box marked “Schlüssel” (German for keys) and yes it was full of keys, locks and all the necessary additions. The problem is that I have no idea for what the keys are. Our apartment keys are all together in a safe place and I have the important keys to the safe or the windows, on my key ring. So what are these keys? I have the feeling that Mr. Swiss also no longer knows what their purpose is. OK, better to be safe than sorry, and I have them safely at home.

RDP Wednesday: Security

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