Good Evening

I have the feeling it has been evening all day: dark and dismal and even the flowers in the garden are hanging their heads with the weight of the rainwater. So what is there to say today? Nothing really although I had a little bit of excitement this morning when my groceries arrived from the supermarket. As I was unloading them there was another ring at the doorbell. What an excitement, two visitors within a few minutes. I was getting spoilt. After Mr. Swiss left for his golden oldie refuge I do live quite a secluded life during the day.

My other visitor was the village carpenter. Living in a small village with only about one thousand people, you know who to call for when you have a problem and this man does the necessary jobs you need done.

My problem was what I call my Mondrian cupboard made in the style of his paintings. We have had it for at least thirty years: not an expensive piece of furniture but both Mr. Swiss and I liked the style. I suppose it was a product of somewhere in the Far East, probably Hong Kong. Some 10 years ago it began to suffer. The hinges broke on the large red door which hangs down and Mr. Swiss did a temporary repair with sticky tape and screws. The decay continued and more repairs were made until it got to the stage where he finally stuck the top red door to the rest of the furniture, and we were no longer able to open it.

Yesterday morning the catastrophe was complete and the red door broke away completely on one side. and I had to put something in front to stop the door falling off (my Dyson vacuum cleaner charger). I decided it was time and I called the village carpenter. Being now a golden oldie myself I really did not want a new cupboard and I was sure a repair would be worth while.

Inside this part of the cupboard I had all my text books for learning various languages. Most of it was Russian, there was also an Italian and Turkish language learning book and a small collection of how to speak Arabic. I also discovered my many foreign language dictionaries. I also found my Pitmans stenography books. Perhaps I might brush up my foreign language knowledge again. I also discovered my earlier gameboy instruments with a collection of games. I had not played with this for many years. I would have to replace the batteries or recharge them and they might work again.

Yesterday the carpenter took the door with him to fit it with the necessary hinges and this afternoon he assembled it again together. Here he is at work. After half an hour I again had a perfect functioning Mondrian cupboard and I am so glad. Just the job for a rainy day. At least I had a little bit of excitement.

And that is all happened on my exciting day. I am now off as I have an evening meal to cook. It seems the weather might be a little better tomorrow and I might even be able to get out again. Hope your weather is more pleasant wherever you are. I leave you with my poor wet and soggy hyacinths in the garden.

15 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Send that carpenter here! We could really use one. It’s awfully hard to find someone to do “handyman” work. It’s all contractors and they are ridiculously expensive for even the simplest jobs. But we are going to need to do something about our front gate which is going to — like your door — fall off.


  2. We had a beautifully sunny day here but so windy! They were doing a controlled burn in our forest, but then the wind turned directions and the fire got out of control. People wondered why they would even think of doing a burn with the wind we were having. Our tax dollars at work….

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  3. Good Evening!
    Each of the member of our ‘maintenance crew’ here (where I work for a few days weekly) specialize in one discipline or another. Although they each do what they must as the need arises, we know who we can call on for particular problems. I happen to be one of two horticulturists and the arborist. We also have an electrician, and used to have a plumber and a painter. Someone else maintains the water delivery system. Our carpenter (who is not presently working) is very specialized as a finish carpenter, but can really do anything that involves carpentry. He could literally build homes from our trees if he wanted to. I suppose I really have an attitude about our crew, and I like to brag about it.

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  4. those handymen and nearby artisans are worth gold nowadays. We had a bunch of them when living in France but now we ‘just’ call our rental company and they’ll provide us with the ppl we need for repairs and replacements.

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