Good Evening, although almost good night.

Looked a bit stormy this afternoon, although the sun managed to stay. Rain has been forecast for tonight and tomorrow so I made the most of an escape into town to at last catch up on some groceries I needed. Lately the weather has not been scooter weather and I have had to rely on my online orders. Actually that is OK but now and again I like to visit a store and choose what I would like. I also needed to stock up on some frozen goods such as potato chips and spring rolls, as well order some meat that I could freeze myself. Ordering meat is OK, but they are such large pieces and I like to have them cut fresh by the butcher so that I can get the right thickness of the piece.

It seems the musicians are back in town and this guy was OK. He was singing in english, but I am not sure if he was english, probably not.

This pair were also singing and playing, but all in spanish.

There were bikes parked everywhere and things are coming back to life again. Since all Covid regulations no longer exist everyone is creeping out and making the most of the freedom. Personally I do not understand it. We all had to cover our faces with masks, not daring to breathe and keep you distance from everyone. Now suddenly it no longer matters, although the covid cases are by now means lower than they were. My cleaning lady was in Spain for a weeks holiday and came home with Covid, although it was like a very heavy cold and not worse.I did not see her for a couple of weeks and now she has fully recovered.

There seems to be more people in town now and the restaurants were very well occupied. During the days of the pandemic it really began to resemble a ghost town.

It seems that the magnolia trees are no beginning to blossom. We have many in our museum park.

After getting my groceries I went quickly home to put the frozen goods in the freezer. I really did not have a lot of time as I wanted to visit Mr. Swiss. I had not seen him since last week, although thanks to SMS we are in regular contact. Writing messages is quite good. Basically we do it in German, sometimes english and I have discovered that my written German is really improving. Mr. Swiss was outside in the pavillion so I dared to take a photo. We are now both golden oldies with our walkers, but no problem. I find for his 82 years he is still keeping well preserved. Since being in his gold oldie home his mobility has improved due to the physio therapy he is getting and he can walk much better. After staying for an hour, I made my way home. I still had four pork chops to prepare for the freezer and had to start cooking the evening meal for No. 1 son and myself. I had some photos to upload as well, but that is now done and I can sit and relax at the computer. I think it must be almost a month since I switched the TV on.

The clouds are now gathering over the mountains, so it will become a wet night and tomorrow rain is also forecast, so it might be a while until I get out again. Riding a scooter in the rain is not so comfortable. Keep safe a well everyone.

13 thoughts on “Good Evening, although almost good night.

  1. If text messaging costs you, there are ways of communication for free, for example WhatsApp. It also allows voice and video calls, although probably for these two you both need wifi. I suppose a lot depends on whether he can handle a new means.
    Or, there is Facebook.

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  2. Thanks for this update Pat. I’m very glad that Mr CH and you have found a way to comfortably walk this new slice of life. It must be a huge relief to know that your partner is well taken care of – and that YOU are still capable of handling your household alone. Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries but the art is to make it work!

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