Good Evening

Wed did get some clouds this afternoon, which were welcome to break up the monotony and the sun even showed itself, although it is still quite cold. I was isolated as they were cleaning our community garage with high pressure water.

This is what it looked like at the beginning of the afternoon. It is still a little damp, but gradually drying out.

My upstairs neighbour helped me to shift our scooters to the hallway. I did the driving and he guided me to make sure I kept a straight path. It was not too difficult, and I am glad to say that the scooters were not too wide. I have two as one is mine and the other Mr. Swiss although he no longer needs it being in a golden oldie refuge. Mine has an attachment to hold my walker on the back and his has a small case for carrying stuff, as well as a stick holder. This evening the neighbour will be calling in to help me with returning them to the garage. My. No. 1 son helped me with shifting the cable roll for uploading the batteries. We had to make sure that it was in a place where it would not get wet.

Everyone was telling me that things happen in threes. I had to get a new mobile phone as the other was killed by a car that ran over it. Then I had a fall at home and my glasses broke. They are now repaired with the glass in a new holder and I have ordered a new pair of glasses. And now No. 3. Today my cleaning lady was here and whilst she was busy I sorted a lot of electric cables etc. that I found in a cupboard and no longer needed. I packed them in plastic bags and she took them with her to dispose of. I spent the afternoon sorting a few things, and then went out to the garden to take a few photos.

Now No. 3 catastrophe. I could not find my door key, it disappeared. Although I had a second set, this is not so good. If it really disappears then I have to pay for everyone who lives in this block (13 parties) to have their locks changed for new keys – a few thousand Swiss francs. Just after dinner I remembered I was in the garden and took a quick look. Yes, there were the keys on the ground, was I glad, I could have cried with happiness. Another lesson learned, perhaps hang you keys on a chain around your neck.

And that was another exciting day. I really hope to get out tomorrow. Today I was really isolated with no scooter to use. And now have a good remainder of the day and be careful where you put your keys.

17 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good morning .. if your door key “disappeared” … but it is the one you use to let yourself in and out of your apartment .. then it has to be in the apartment .. right? That narrows the search … you will find it … it is just a matter of time … but we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers .. and pray that the missing door key finds itself … soon … take care and have a great day … SLP …

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