Good Evening

Another snowy cold day today and I really did not really intend to write anything today, but here I am again. I had one of my famous accidents this morning: lost my balance whilst cooking and fell to the floor which is quite hard. Did quick body check and found nothing broken, so pressed my emergency button to get help from the first aid people. I could not speak with them as the machine was too far away, but my No. 1 son dealt with it and a young lady arrived 15 minutes later.

I was still on the floor as I cannot stand myself, but together with my son they pulled me up. Once on my feet I can manage OK.

Unfortunately this time my glasses were damaged and the side piece that goes over my ear snapped off. I could not see it as I had no glasses that I could wear. The young lady glued it on, but it fell off again. Eventually No. 1 son fixed it with tape and it is still holding out. I was really lost with my glasses, everything was so blurred.. One of the lens also got scratched. I have now made an appointment for Monday morning at the opticians. Why do these things always happen to me? I just hope that the repair holds out until Monday. At least the weather will be better on Monday.

And that is all I have to say, which is enough. So no-one has to get worried if I disappear – just another one of my stupid accidents.

23 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. The last time I feel it was in the driveway (sigh) of the Senior Center in Northbridge. It was SO embarrassing with all those people ready to call an ambulance. Nothing was broken — EXCEPT MY GLASSES. I have yet to replace them because I had (then, but no longer) two pair of each. I usually fall while holding a camera. I wrap my arms around the camera. I can be repaired (I assume) — but not the camera. We need priorities. I’m very glad it was just your eyeglasses. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked around with taped eyeglasses!


  2. I’m sorry about your sudden fall but relieved to hear that nothing was broken. (Other than your eyeglasses, of course.) You may be feeling pretty sore tomorrow, so please be gentle and take OTC pain relievers as needed. See your doctor if you need too. Take care of yourself!!

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  3. I’m glad to hear that you were not hurt too much by the fall although breaking your glasses is terribly annoying. I had a fall myself a few weeks ago, nothing broken luckily but I still have a sore shoulder as I somehow managed to land on it.
    What a good thing that you have the emergency button now that you are so often alone. At least you know someone will always come and pick you up again.

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  4. Oh goodness. Another calamity … these things do not only happen to you … they happen to many people. I had a similar fall in 2018 and dislocated my shoulder .. dislocated … as in they had to open it up and put the bone back where it belonged and repack the cartilege … and I had to learn to use my right hand and arm all over again … so we all try to support each other and if we work together we will all make it ….. take care, count your blessings, and we continue to keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. SLP …

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  5. I’m only just back to read you after my long hiatus where things didn’t go as well as I wished. And as I can see, they didn’t either at your end – I hope you’ll find NEW glasses nex week – one shouldn’t have to stick with glued back glasses at this age and in these days….. And don’t fall again please!

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