RDP Tuesday: Reinstall

Since last December I have been re-installing my life. Mr. Swiss (age 82) had so many problems I do not know where to begin. Walking was always difficult, and then he managed to get pneumonia and afterwards he broke his hip joint. He was in hospital for a week and then transferred to a clinic in Switzerland to help to recover after having a new hip replacement. .He was away for a month until January and his health did not improve. I had daily visits from the care people only in the morning, but otherwise I was on my own. Eventually I was near a nervous breakdown with the stress and Mr. Swiss was transferred to a golden oldie home, luckily just along the street to where I live. And now I am reinstalling my life.

And then I lost my iPhone. It was found, but was the victim of a car driving over it, so for the past week I have been re-installing a new iPhone. I am now nearly there, actually I now have everything I need, but I so like my app for buying goods at the local store, without using cash. I can still do it with the card, but to install the programme for smooth runnings I need this little machine to digest my postcard and for that I have to enter the code it supplies me with. That is no problem, but this machine runs on a battery which has a life of a year and yes, the battery has died. I called the post and they are sending me a new machine which I will have in two days. OK not so bad, it is free and I can put my plastic card into the machine at the cash desk in the store and the bill is paid without cash in the meanwhile. It is much easier when I have the app. The assistant at the till just uses her pistol and aims it at my phone and then everything is done. As soon as I receive the new gadget I will reinstall all my details.

RDP Tuesday: Reinstall

9 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Reinstall

  1. Anytime one loses or wears out or breaks one of our helpful electronic gadgets is a pain, eh?! We forget how helpful they are till then, then there’s the stressful time spent reprogramming, reinstalling, or whatever else there is to do to restore order in our lives. Congratulations to you for surviving replacing your postal bank account gizmo, another one of those electronic things one can’t do without…now!

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