Good Evening

I was off in the wilds again today, getting some chocolate supplies for Mr. Swiss. I am slowly realising that life is much more relaxed since it is just I, me and myself. Not that it was bad before, but I am not getting any younger and there is absolutely no more stress, just do it as you want to do it. I have been an afternoon person for the last ten years, staying at home in the morning, caring for the apartment and doing the shopping in the afternoon after my midday sleep, but now things are changing. I am alone at home until No. 1 son comes home at sixish in the evening. I can do what I want when I want to.

I did manage to clear a drawer in a cupboard this morning leaving only one more to empty. I found piles of income tax documents from 2009-10 and so they are now waiting for the next garbage collection. What we paid more than ten years ago is really no longer of interest. I did find some important documents from our original contract for our apartment as well as a collection of information from Mr. Swiss school days. It is now looking quite good at home and I am gradually getting there. I even found an electric screwdriver, although I have not yet discovered how it works.

Sometimes I feel like this lost chicken searching for something to do. I can now go into town in the morning, who cares. Life is looking good. I still have time for my small lunch at midday. Today it was spring rolls with a beetroot salad. Although this morning I stayed at home as the grocery man was bringing my supplies. Lucia, my home help, called to say she has a heavy cold and will even be taking a test for Covid, although I hope it was not positive. She was in Spain for a week’s holiday last week, so you never know what you can pick up in these places.

Anyhow after my midday sleep I saddled my trusty scooter and moved down to the store for Mr. Swiss chocolate. Afterwards I was with Mr. Swiss for and hour or two and then made my way home.

Naturally I called in at the farm on the way home to visit my various animals. The pony was outside doing what ponies do, just standing around and pondering the meaning of a pony life.

Although the chicken run had been moved a little further away, they had soon found the way back to adventure. They were probably hoping that the rooster would arrive, but no such luck today. They were wandering everywhere and I had to be careful that I did not have a chicken road accident.

Eventually I arrived home and began to cook the evening meal, although once in the pan it was cooking by itself, lentils with a Swiss sausage accompanied by leek and potato. I then had time to upload some photos before No. 1 son arrived and we ate the evening meal. The good thing is no stress, just take it easy. And now I can relax and do my own thing. I really needed this stressless life, I now feel much better and more relaxed. Stay cool and calm and enjoy you day.

21 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Charming photos and your dinner sounds delicious – lentils, sausage, leeks – yum. It is wonderful to see how your new life suits you so well. (And I hope your friend tests negative and it’s just a cold.) Enjoy your night!

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    • I am really now feeling more relaxed. My son, his wife and kids all had Covid at the same time. It is no longer as band as it was at the beginning, although there is always one day with high fever. Afterwards it gets better. I also hope she is OK.

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