Good Evening

At last Spring has arrived with all the trimmings. One disadvantage is that I seem to have lost 60 minutes and am still trying to find them. It is most annoying. I heard a rumour that they take a holiday during the Summer and only return in Autumn. Anyhow after leaving Mr. Swiss this afternoon I took the path home on my scooter past the local castle Waldegg which is next to his golden oldie refuge. I noticed they have moved the mobile chicken homes away from the path. I think they were getting too adventurous and roaming into places which were not so good.

In met this guy and I think he was searching for the hens. He was calling at the top of his voice. I suppose when you have over 200 wives you do feel a bit lonely when they disappear.

Otherwise I spent the day cooking lunch, tidying up and organising some paperwork. I also at last emptied the side shelves of the wardrobe in the spare room of unwanted junk and am now faced with the problem of what to put on them. I also ordered my groceries for the week, so I am all set to go. I must say it is now pleasant in the evening that it no longer gets so dark so early.

Everything is alive again and they had even now filled the pond next to the museum in town and switched on the fountains.

Now I am left with my evening. I think it must be at least 1-2 weeks since I even switched on the TV. Mr. Swiss had a TV in his room and never used it. Funny how when you get older these things are no longer so interesting. I prefer doing something on my computer listening to music or just reading a book.

And now to make something to eat for an evening snack. I think I will do something with a fried egg and cheese. It seems to me since I have a new timetable I am slowly becoming more a vegetarian, although not a real believer. My cats were never interested in a non-meat diet.

I wish you all a good rest of the week-end.

17 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good Evening! I just happened to be here when this posted. It is just after 10:30 on Sunday morning here in Washington, and weirdly cooler than back home, although it should rain there today. Although I am not there to enjoy it, we get plenty here.

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  2. Our first batch of chickens decimated the lawn so we had to move the coop around the garden, periodically. Now, they just roam the entire garden, plus they are not as many, so it is less noticeable. By decimate, I literally mean having to re-sow grass.

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    • Our chickens are in movable homes so the farmer shifts them now and again to keep the grass at an even length. They just have the habit of breaking out now and again.


  3. Your mountains look quite spectacular!

    Our local farms used to let the chickens roam free, but a couple of years ago, the foxes and bobcats began to make serious inroads on the chicken population, so they had to build pens. They aren’t crowded — plenty of room, but the hungry beasties can’t get through the wire fences.

    I believe they are finally going to cancel Daylight Savings Time in this country. It’s really a remnant of World War II when there were blackouts. Otherwise, they didn’t really make much sense. The cows needed milking at the same time, clocks notwithstanding. My son collect chiming (pendulum) clocks and going forward wasn’t a big deal, but moving a pendulum clock backwards IS a big deal, especially when you have more than a dozen of them all over the house.

    I will be glad when they cancel it. I think they are going to use Standard Time all year rather than DST, but it doesn’t really matter a lot. I’ll just be glad when we don’t have to change all the clocks.

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    • All chickens in Switzerland have free movement basically. These chickens live in a movable home, they have two of them and are also closed in with a wire fence, but there were a little too near the path and as chickens are, they manage to break out. Once they even got into the neighbouring cemetery and there were chickens everywhere, between the grave stones. The fox once broke into the chicen hut, but the rooster sent him on his way.
      We never had daylight saving time in Switzerland earlier, it began about 30-40 years ago to match the other European countries. They now talk about stopping it all, but I do not think it will happen. England are always an hour in front of us, and the other European countries. I do not mind the Autumn change as I can sleep an hour longer.


  4. I love the extra light that we get when the time changes to DST! It feels as if the world comes back to life again! We will lhave rain tomorrow in Southern California, and possibly snow on the mountains! We have had very little rain this year, so we really need more, but I hope it’s a good rain and then the end of the gray weather until fall!

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    • We have been having quite mild weather this year, and rain must now and again. It is now getting waarmer and I have already seen people with short trousers. I also like the lighter evenings.


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