Good Evening

My evenings seem to get later and later, although this photo is from this morning. We are now being guarded by a crane, actually two cranes, as they are building a new large block of apartments. It was planned 30 years ago and the last block to be built on our estate. Luckily we will still be able to see the tops of the trees when it is finished, being just three storeys high. As it is at the end of our estate, it does not bother me too much. There is just a little more traffic when leaving and entering the complex and sometimes it can get a little narrow.

This afternoon I visited Mr. Swiss, but had to search for him as he was not in his room. He was on a physio therapy trip walking and exercising. He can now walk much better and his other problems have cleared up a little. On the way home I stopped again at the farm.

This time the chickens had broken out and I had to be careful on my scooter not to have an accident. I prefer to get my chicken from the store and not from the road.

They were everywhere although they did scuttle to one side when I approached them. I was reminded of the cartoon film “Chicken Run”.

The geese were also running free and it was the first time that I did not have a fence in between.

They are quite big birds and make a lot of noise.

There were also some ducks relaxing in the sun, but they were still enclosed behind the fence, although this time I had my Nikon camera with me which managed to eliminate some of the wire fence, but not completely.

I could not stay too long as I had to get home to cook the evening meal, although it seems that No. 1 son will now onl be working full time from 1st May, so it will be back to cooking a full meal at lunch time. He now has a few days off to compensate for the full time he had been working this month.

For the time being it is now finished with my favourite small snacks at lunch time, although I will probably now make them in the evening for myself and No. 1 son can do his own thing. Today I cooked myself a ratatouille with some aubergine, courgette, peperoni and tomato, which was quite tasty.

I was busy doing some “office work” this morning with a few invoices. The bills also have to be paid. I do seem to have quite a busy day with this and that, but at least I am not bored. And now to move on, I have a washing machine to fill. Keep well and safe.

15 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Glad to hear that Mr. Swiss is moving around and some of his issues are resolving. It’s still winter here, though there are a lot of buds and shoots for flowers to come — and of course, the crocus are blooming. Also, baby birds are showing up. Tiny Goldfinches and miniature Woodpeckers. The squirrels are flirting with each other, so it may not feel like spring yet, but nature will have her way. Hugs to you and yours!

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    • Although Mr. Swiss is convinced that he is how he used to be again, but he still has issues that I cannot cope with.
      Spring is definitely in the air with the flowers and the birds and the bees.


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