RDP Saturday: Clink

Here is a collection of clink. All you need is to fill up a glass or two with the right liquid. Our clinkers lead an isolated life, separated from the liquids that should fill them because the various assortments of red, white or even rosé wine lives alone in the cellar and I do not think it has been touched for at least a year.

Wine is something you buy and collect in case you have visitors, or even if it might be renowned as a good drop, something particularly special to keep for a special occasion. However, our wine bottles are still waiting for the special occasion. Mr. Swiss stopped drinking wine slowly as the golden oldie years arrived and I am tee total and drink no alcohol. So there we are with empty glasses, wine in the bottles and no-one to do a clink.

I told No. 2 son to come and collect what he needs, but his wife’s family have a wine mountain and make it themselves.

So cheers everyone, Prost.

RDP Saturday: Clink

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