Good Evening

We had some sunny moments this afternoon but towards evening the mist began creeping in and it got colder. I took the photo on my way home from visiting Mr. Swiss and caught the top of the local castle.

I had to get an earlier start this morning, at least earlier for me. I got a letter from the Solothurn authorities reminding me that Mr. Swiss was now an inhabitant of Solothurn in his golden oldie home and no longer in our village which is just half a minute away. However if you are Swiss you should know that you cannot just move around as it suits you and it all has to be registered and organised. I was reminded that I should go to the office of our village authorities to have his papers organised. This was easier said than done, as living in a small village the office is only open from 8.30 to 11.30 in the morning and on Wednesday they are closed. I made my way this morning, but no problem. Our local office is comfortable and everyone knows everyone else. She printed the document I need and put it in the envelope which was already complete with a stamp. She added that the job was done for me and she would put in the post. Now Mr. Swiss is an official inhabitant of the big town next door and I live in the little village next door.

I eventually arrived home and caught up on my daily cleaning routine. It was also day of the fresh linen on the bed, so I had to fit that in as well. There was quite a lot of noise outside as the lorry arrived collecting the paper and cardboard.

On my way in the village I took this photo of the path leading down to the local Rive Aare which is just across the road from where I live.

After dealing with all my chores I decided it was time to prepare something to eat for my small snack at lunchtime. There are advantages when you are on your own as what you do and eat is your own choice.

Today I indulged in one of my favourites, plain and simple. A tomme cheese in breadcrumbs and fried with tomato. It was really tasty and I enjoyed it: just I, me and myself.

As said I visited Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie refuge and he needed training shoes to practice his walking abilities. I found at least 16 pairs at home all in his size and eventually he chose a pair of Addidas and Sketchers, so now he is equipped for golden oldie runner of the year.

And now to see to my evening meal – spaghetti al sugo (mincemeat and tomato). I like to put parmesan cheese on mine.

I am now off, keep safe and well.

9 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Your lunch looks really good. I’ve never seen cheese done like that. What kind of cheese do you use? Something hard I would guess? Jarlsberg maybe? You’ve probably got a lot of cheeses I’ve never heard of.

    We had cauliflower with cheese sauce with chicken for dinner — and it was one of my favorites. I think I’d eat anything if you cover it with cheese sauce.

    Garry probably has three dozen pairs of shoes. He wears ONE pair all summer and has a pair of boots for winter. The rest are gathering dust. He also has suits he never wears — and are probably far too big for him now (he’s really thin) and many tweed jackets he bought on our honeymoon in Ireland — 32 years ago. Tweed wears well!


    • We call that cheese a “tomme”, it’s small and round and melts nicely, something from the French part of Switzerland. We also like cauliflower cheese..
      Mr. Swiss always bought the best. When I brought him the training shoes to choose yesterday he himself remarked how stupid to have bought so many and hardly worn them more than a couple of times. He has size 42, my no.1 son size 45 so he cannot wear them. I could, but sitting in a scooter or wheelchair. I don’t need such shoes. Marcel has also lost so much weight. I have now organised his clothes at home, but he will never wear he too has lost so much weight


  2. Oh my goodness .. I did not realize Switzerland was that kind of country where you had to register for where you live … goodness. Oh well we are glad to hear it worked out OK. Take care and have a great day, Great photos of the mountain mists in your post this morning … SLP …

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