12 thoughts on “FOTD 16th March 2022: Crocus

  1. Pretty! We aren’t nearly as far along as you are in the season. I did do a stroll today and see that the deer have been nibbling my groundcover 😦 I had to move the upside down tomato cages over them to prevent more destruction.

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  2. Yours are looking very helthy and energetic. Ours are still rather small and for reasons best known to the plants, they have moved from the garden to the ground in front of the garden wall. I understand spreading … but moving? Do plants MOVE?

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  3. All winter long the crocus have not been sitting idle. They have been constantly working . We neither see nor hear them as they push themselves higher and higher. What a lovely and beautiful surprise they produce. 🙂

    I wonder if they are even aware of the enjoyment they give. Or are they just another living thing doing its thing to survive; doing what it must do. 🙂

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