Good Evening

As usual I am beginning my evening with the morning view of sunrise. It was just too good not to share with everyone – at least I thought so. I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon and he was particularly grumpy and annoying. I wonder if I will get like that when I get older. He does nothing all day except lay on the bed and wallow in self pity. Although he was in the common room this afternoon having a coffee when I arrived. His first comment was that I was an hour later than usual. I pointed to my iPhone and showed him that I was not late. He muttered something about his phone showing the wrong time, which of course was not the case. On the way home I was early so decided to take the path through the northern part of our village around the castle for some bright scenery to put me in a good mood again.

Everything was looking so fresh and bright in the sunshine. I did not get near to our Castle Waldegg as I did not want to climb the hill, but saw it at a distance.

It was good to get out and enjoy the landscape. and see that slowly the trees are waking up from their Winter sleep.

There were quite a few people taking a walk in the village and enjoying the weather. It certainly put me in a good mood, which I needed.

I was hoping to capture some chicken photos, but I only heard them in the distance and I did not want to go too far. However I saw the sign at the farm that there were fresh eggs being sold. I eventually made my way home along the path from the castle. If you look in the distance you can see our estate where I live.

After crossing the road I arrive at our path where I can make my way to our underground garage where I park my scooter.

And here is our castle in all its glory. It is surrounded by farmland and it seems the farmer has already begun to prepare the ground for the crops. At last the dark dreary days of Winter are gone and life is returning to our village.

21 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. I enjoyed your views around the area. How exotic to my American sensibility to have a local castle! And so encouraging that your spring is springing! Take care of yourself as the day’s sun grows longer.

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  2. Good Day!
    Coincidentally, Daylight Savings Time started at 2:00 this morning. The time today is now an hour earlier than it was yesterday, and the day will end an hour later. The time on my telephone and computers adjusts automatically, but the clocks in the office and in the dashboard in the car do not.

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  3. I’m sure there are many activities Mr Swiss could join in with at the care home. Perhaps he just needs to make a friend or two and he’ll be fine. Is there anyone he knows from the village in there? Lovely views of your village, a great place to wander around and de-stress now the weather is improving.

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    • Today I made a surprise visit on my way home from town and found him outside in their small park in the pavillion together with the others. He was enjoying himself outside. They have an animal park there with chicken, rabits and goats and also a very nice pond with fish. I think the ice is now broken with the other golden oldies. Today was a very good day with the weather and it was our monthly market in town.

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