Good Evening

Morning sun and it stayed all day with some warmth although I remained at home. I had nothing to buy in town, my cupboard, fridge and freezer is full and I decided to get down to a job that I had wanted to do for some time. At last I have cleared a wardrobe that was full of objects that do not belong in a wardrobe. There were various document cases full of documents, so old that I found after ten years they were no longer worth keeping. I also found two cheese fondue rechaud and an electric hot plate. Also many cases full of documents.


I found this, an Apple CD player for my computer. Of course I decided to try it with a video to see if it works. I have almost no idea of these things, but I pushed the disk in the slot after plugging it into my Apple computer and it worked. The film began to play on the computer screen. Now I had the problem, how to stop the film. Somehow I did and removed the player from the computer, still containing the film disc which was the next problem as I no longer have a Mr. Swiss at home for advice. I had a look in Internet and discovered a symbol on my screen for an Apple CD Rom and found an instruction “eject CD”, so did a click and lo and behold the CD was ejected. I am really learning things here.

Then I found this nice looking Danish water boiler. I plugged it in, filled it with water and discovered it was working and I believe never been used seeing its condition. Another discovery although I already have a water cooker, but I am sure I will find someone in the family that can use it. Today seemed to be my second Christmas and then this appeared.

Nothing I could really use, but there were three bags full of drum sticks, Mr. Swiss being a drummer throughout his years. There were also a pair of drum brushes, which I can use. Mr. Swiss showed me once how they work. I still have two sets of drums at home, one set up in our hobby cellar, but I do not think I will try them. I also found many music notes for drummers.

Some people find clothes or books and I find drumsticks and computer parts.

I was so busy with my discoveries I had to leave the birds to their own thing.

And that was my exciting eventful day. Now I have to recover from dragging very heavy plastic garbage bags to the container. Have fun everyone and resist cleaning out cupboards etc.

15 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. I have one of those players, Every now and again, I need it to install software I have on DVD. It works equally well on an Apple and a PC — and if you want to play a CD or DVD, it will do both. Mine is probably newer than that one, but the old and new ones are essentially identical.

    We still have a lot of CDs and some of it is music you can’t get anymore. Also, because we have very unstable wi-fi, it’s nice to own our own media. We also have movies on DVD and again, many of them are otherwise unavailable. Some of these are favorites of ours, too, so it’s comforting to own them. Sometimes, I buy two so I can give one to a friend.

    I find old, familiar music and movies (and audiobooks) comforting. I’m not always ready for something new and exciting. More often, I like something comfortable, like old slippers.

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    • Actually I meant DVD and not CD or course. It is not something I usually bother with but Mr. Swiss had a thing for D VD and films. We have so many DVD’s of films at home, perhaps I might start watching them. I usually just like to listen to classical music on my iPhone or often rock music from the sixties on a programme I get. Sometimes I just like to sit in silence as now. I often do not bother even to switch on the TV in the evening.


  2. You had “Christmas in March!” How fun to find treasures like that. But it looks like that must be a lifetime’s trove of drumsticks. Your post inspires me to tackle a closet here that hasn’t been excavated in a long time. Have a lovely rest of your weekend!

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  3. Good morning … great pictures. Cleaning up the house can be exciting if you are in the proper state of mind. We are preparing to move to a new larger house … and just packing up everything after 25 years has led to quite a few adventurous discoveries in boxes here and there … take care and have a great day. SLP …


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