Good Evening

During the afternoon some clouds appeared, but nothing to disturb. It was perhaps not as warm as yesterday, but bearable. I decided on a day at home for a rest. I was enough here and there this week and I really had no urgent appointments. My groceries arrived this morning. Ordering online is so good and well organisaed. However, I shall have to be careful with ny orders. Today I received 2 kilo of onions instead of just one that I needed. With the slip of the finger it is easy to order twice and not noticing, which happened to me. However, no problem as onions are something you always need. Otherwise I am all set for the week-end. I was busy freezing the meat I ordered as there were a few special offers. I now have hambuger for a few meals and sliced beef. My reserve on bread is also now enough. Since it is only No. 1 son and me in the evening we only need bread for breakfast, and not so much. My days of baking my own bread are now finished. I just freeze the bread and it stays very fresh, especially as it does not stay long frozen. I just have to remember to take it out of the freezer in the evening so that it thaws until the morning.

It was a birdy day today with a visit from a female blackbird.

A magpie also appeared on the search for some suitable food.They are alwas alert for a treat.

And the sparrows we also there, ever present, and enjoying the pleasure of a bath.

I decided to have another try with shredding documents this afternoon. This time it worked better as thanks to a tip from one of my colleagues here on WordPress, lined the container with a plastic bag. However, my machine is not one of the best, and after a while it gets overheated so I have to wait for it to cool down again. However my pile of documents is getting smaller and one day they will be gone – I hope.

I did not visit Mr. Swiss today and will visit again on Sunday. He does tend to forget the days, he forgets a lot at the moment. I am glad he has good care at his home. I am sure I could not do it now.

And now for a relaxing Friday evening with no stress and perhaps a little TV to occupy myself. Keep safe and well and enjoy your week-ends.

16 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Beautiful magpie and it’s strange how that sparrow has an audience — but “my” sparrows do the same thing in my birdbath. I’m very happy that things seem to be reaching a more even keel for you.

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  2. Happy to hear that you are able to rest and relax tonight, you deserve that time of respite. I’m enjoying your bird photos very much. Thanks for sharing your signs of spring. Good luck with your shredder!

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  3. I have shopped for groceries since the beginning of th pandemic — I order, and a couple of hours later I go 2 miles down the road to pick it all up. How easy could that be?! But the store hires kids to do the shopping (they can work once they are 16 years old), and a lot of them have never shopped for groceries even with their parents. Every once in a while they make mistakes — I first realized this when I ordered 3 small onions, and got 3 onions the size of grapefruits!

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  4. Good morning … great photos. We have a commercial grade shredder that we just bought because our old one stopped working after more than 25 years … and the new one also overheats after a few minutes of heavy use. So it is not just old ones .. it is new ones too that have this “feature”. Take care and have a great weekend. SLP …

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    • The shredder I have is exactly the same. after a few minutes of shreding it tells e it is over heated, althugh not heavy use here, as it only takes 3 pages at a time


  5. Good morning … great photos … spring seems poised to return to your village. That must make everyone there very very happy. Take care and have a great day. SLP ….

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