Good Evening

A nice glow in the morning to begin the day and it stayed nice and sunny, even a little warmer than it usually is. I had a day of organising Mr. Swiss furniture as I already got a telephone call from the chauffeur this morning to say they were on their way and it would arrive in about five minutes. I tried to contact the home where Mr. Swiss is, but the telephones were dead still recovering from the fire they had on Monday. I called Mr. Swiss and he informed the home. I called past this afternoon and half of the cupboard had already been assembled. Of course it is an exception that a team of professionals from his home could piece it all together and an advantage. I was wondering how a normal family could fit all those pieces together. Anyhow the job is done and all are happy.

I moved into town for some shopping, but also wanted to see if I could take some photos of the fire damage in town after three buildings were destroyed two days ago. I only managed the corner of one of the buildings on the left of the photo. Everything was blocked to allow the teams to clear away the debris left from the fire. It was quite widely reported in our newspapers.

I was heading for the main street with the stores where my supermarket is. I still had some money left from my gift vouchers from the store so stocked up a little with some food for the Easter holiday.

Moving on through town I saw this nice selection of fruit and veg in front of a store.

The town wqs showing itself from its best side in the sunlight. This is the back of some of the buildings in the main street. They even have their terrace with some shrubs and flowers.

The museum also had some interesting sculptures in its garden.

I eventually made my way home, although no rush. Now my No. 1 son works full time I cook our main meal in the evening. Today it was a Swiss Rösti (fried potatoes), baked tomatoes and Saltimbocca (small veal slices with a layer of thinly sliced raw ham and garnished with a sage leaf all pinned together with a toothpick, afterwards fried. Needless to say we enjoyed the meal and there was nothing left.

And that was my uneventful day. I will now settle down to a quiet evening after finishing my various chores on the computer. At the moment I am sitting in silence as I have not bothered to switch on the TV.

One last photo of our Biel tower on the Western side of town which had just struck the hour together with a few other tower clocks in town. I now wish everyone a good day.

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  1. IKEA furniture can be assembled at home and I’ve done it but it comes with only pictures and no written instructions so you can imagine how frustrating it is.

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