Good Evening

It was a pleasant afternoon, sunny but quite a cold wind on my scooter. However I braved the way to the store in town. I had a few bits and pieces to get and I had received quite a few points from my supermarket for about sixty Swiss Francs, so stocked up some items. I am serving smoked salmon on toast this evening with all the trimmings, but noticed that I was short on toast bread. I also had a look around for any special offers on frozen goods as my grocery deliveries cannot deliver frozen. There was a special offer on my son’s favourite pizzas and they also had mini pizzas which would suit me for my snack at lunch time.

I also met some colleagues in the store, which I now very much appreciate, living now quite a solitary life.

The restaurants in town were quite crowded and people were making the most of the bright weather and celebrating the maskless days. We still have the threat of Covid hanging over our heads, but our government is under the impression that things are getting better. I am glad to be able to now enter the stores without my mask. My telephone also now recognises me with the face recognition when I need various apps without the mask which simplifies life.

I eventually made my way home through our old town streets. I noticed that there are now more people in town, like it used to be.

I noticed that they are also beginning to renovate one of our old buildings which is part of the old defence system from the earlier centuries. Since I have lived here in this town (fifty years) it is the first time that they have noticed it needs a brush up.

And that was my day and I hope you also had a good one.

8 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good morning .,.. great photo as usual. Perhaps spring is returning to your part of the world. Our daffodils are up a few inches but have quite a way to go before they will bloom. Take care and have a great day. SLP …


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