RDP Wednesday: Wool

Our monthly market always has a selection of wool and knitted garments. It reminds me of my knitting days when I would knit long socks for the kids for school. My mother-in-law taught me how and I would knit them with various patterns in the leg and when making the heel and toe of the sock you always added a single strand of the wool for reinforcement. Of course everyone had kitted pullovers and cardigans, it was my housewife-mother hobby. I would tour the various stores to see what they were offering for wool and patterns. I even saved the remainders of the wool and would make colourful throws for the bed from them, usually crochered.

One day I stopped. Computers arrived and I became a working woman. My knitting days were no longer. I remember the fun I had, but today my hands would no longer be able to hold the wool and weave it into the needles.

RDP Wednesday: Wool

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