Good Evening

Another good start to the day, although I had my first problem this morning after flushing the toilet as it would not stop flushing and the water would not stop. However a quick phone to my plumber and he said he would arrive in ten minutes. Actually he arrived in five minutes and immediately knew that it was clogged with lime deposits. After half an hour he had finished the job and everything was perfect. What a wonderful guy that is. Of course everything was late but I was not going anywhere. Next delay was that No. 1 son phoned to say he would be only home in the late afternoon. He is still working half days with exceptions and this was an exception, but no problem. Mr. Swiss will be at the hospital for an x-ray check on the hip replacement he had a couple of months ago on Thursday, so I also had to organise that with his home. Then I noticed that I had lost a post office paying slip for our appartment account. I called for a new one and they told me the letter was only a confirmation that there would be nothing to pay as there were no “-” signs in front of the total amount. I should really improve my German. And that was that.

A quick visit to Mr. Swiss this afternoon as I had to organise his telephone which was not working as he had made a mistake.

And that is all for today. I just wanted to say I may not writing so much in future. I am sorting out my life a bit and need to take a rest now and again from my writing. I will pop in when I have the time for it.