RDP Sunday: War

It is not strange to see army vehicles on the road in Switzerland. We have a permanent army and somewhere there are soldiers doing their duty. The men are called for action for three weeks during the year. They must do three months training and afterwards they serve in their regiments. My youngest son was in the heavy artillery, although he was diverted to organising the food supplies so it was more office work. Now and again he had some action and could ride in the tanks.

I saw this group of soldiers in our town. They were probably on some sort of manoevre.

And here there are a group of soldiers waiting for the train to take them to their regiment. Our soldiers use public transport when they are called up for their service.

RDP Sunday: War

8 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: War

  1. And my best guess is whether or not it has been announced officially that your army is ready for whatever might happen. Give the way Putin is acting, I don’t know that he’s willing to honor ANY treaty or agreement. We are living in interesting times that are closer to terrifying than merely interesting.

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