Good Evening

The sun tried to rise this morning, and it actually succeeded but it was not a warm sun: a hard, cold sun. I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon, but I froze on my was home on the scooter. There was a head wind and I was glad I only needed a couple of minutes to arrive home.

Otherwise I spent time watching the birds up to their tricks outside. It was a quiet Sunday and my No. 1 son decided to go into town this afternoon to see if there was any carnival action. Yesterday evening he disappeared and spent the time in town in his favourite restaurant where there was music and carnival fun, returning home in the early hours of the morning. That is typical carnival time table, but it is only for one week in the year.

I also completed my order for next week’s groceries, which is now completely different. My son was always home for lunch, but now he will be working all day and getting a snack to eat for lunch. This means that I will now be alone all day and no longer bother to cook for lunch. I will be cooking for the evening meal for myself and son. This is ideal for me as I can at least make something I like for myself at midday. My son does not like cheese or mushrooms which I do, so mushrooms on toast or a cheese omelette will be on my list. Ham and egg will also probably be on the menu as a quick meal and I am sure I can invent something with an avocado which is also something I like. After so many years of cooking for the others, it is now my turn.

I also found five pair of track suit trousers in a cupboard today, never been worn. Two of them would be too big for Mr. Swiss as they were from the days when he still had more kilo, so I decided to adopt them for me. The others would be his size and today he only really wears relaxing clothes.

And that was my day. Sometimes it is good to be able to relax and have no stress. Tomorrow the week begins again, although I have no plans. I wish you all a good week.

16 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. We all should have a quiet restful day. It is impossible to plan for one. Something always appears to disrupt that plan.
    But we are thankful when it comes …. if only for a little while.

    Cheese omelet sans mushrooms. Please. 😉

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  2. We are having the same weather again — cold and clear. The birds are very busy out there. I gave them a very big feeding yesterday. Just as well as the deck has a heavy coating of hard, slippery snow on it that I’m not eager to reckon with today.

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  3. Good morning .. great pictures as usual, So glad you are cooking and eating again … just keep up with your vitamins and minerals. YOu need strength to support the others who depend on you. SLP …

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