RDP Saturday: Peace

Switzerland is surrounded by other countries, we have no sea or ocean, it is landlocked. Just imagine if one of those countries got jealous of our life and organisation and decided to invade. We have a full time army, every Swiss able bodied male has to serve three weeks during the year: sometimes more if an officer. My No. 2 son had to oblige, from the age of 20 until about 30, although I no longer know the exact years.

And so Vladimir Putin the Russian boss, has decided that the Ukraine need to be conquered. I mention Putin by name because he is not representing the complete Russian population, but when he tells his army to march they have no choice. Is it jealousy or greed – who knows: I was born in 1946, a year after the last war but I heard enough from my parents. Have we learnt anything? All I can do is enjoy this photo of the peaceful surroundings of my village and hope that they remain.

RDP Saturday: Peace

13 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Peace

  1. I am finding this war not merely horrifying, but demoralizing and depressing. Have we learned nothing? I think that would be an accurate summation. Maybe — as a species — we are not capable of learning. Or maybe it’s that we have a very bad habit of putting in power the worse possible people. I don’t have an answer, but it is absolutely awful.

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  2. Even though you were born after WWII, I believe the UK continued rationed until 1954. Out of that suffering, Michael Palin made a really funny film where villagers raise an illegal pig to celebrate the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.

    Sadly, humanity never learns, though, that war settles little and sets into motion unintended consequences. Ask any aggressor if they thought their invasion would be anything but a walk. I am encouraged, though that the Ukrainians are showing incredible bravery and solidarity. That there are demonstrations against this barbaric invasion all over the world is encouraging, especially those really brave protests in Russia. Regardless, the whole situation is scary, especially when Putin threatens nuclear responses to those who trip his trigger.


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    • I must have seen that Palin film at least 10 times. It is one of my husband’s favourites and mine as well. I remember the days of rationing. Mum had a book and they would make a mark everytime she bought rationed goods. She woudl give me the book when filled and I would use them to play with as a kid.
      it seems Putins plan is not as he imagined thinking that he could take the Ukraine in a couple of days. It looks like it will take longer, my feelings go out to the Urkrainians.


      • I love English comedies! (We get a lot of them on our public television.) That film never tires me! Of course, they have their pig banquet in the end, but that poor pig certainly got shuffled around till it met its end.

        Yes, the Ukrainians are determined to keep their country and their Russian invaders don’t seem to know exactly why they are there or why the Ukrainians are being so resistant. It bodes ill for the Russians. Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy is what a leader should be. Putin is not. I think it will make a big difference in the outcome, though it looks like it will be a longer process to an end than one might hope.

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