Good Evening

Paid a visit to Mr. Swiss this afternoon for an hour. They were playing some dance music in the home as today was the beginning of our carnival season. It is the first time in a couple of years that carnival is being celebrated as the Covid restrictions are now being lifted. Also when I was visiting I no longer had to scan my vaccination sign into the machine. Instead I had to complete a form with name, address and telephone number which I found much more complicated and took longer. Perhaps with time the formalities will be stopped.

I passed some time today sorting our previous tax records, but it seems the years from 2012 to 2018 are missing. I even found records dating back to 1994 which we really no longer need. We really have collected a lot of unnecessary junk in our lives.

It was quite a cloudy afternoon and a cold wind was blowing. I took this view of the railway station opposite the home as I was leaving.

It is just a short stretch along the road from our estate, but surrounded by farm land.

And of course always the Jura mountains somewhere in the distance. This was when was leaving our estate.

And now to prepare something for the evening meal. When my No. 1 son begins to work full time next week I will be cooking in the evening, although no problem. I am looking forward to the little meals I will have at lunch time, eating food that only I like, especially mushrooms. No 1 son does not like them and never eats them, but now I can make one of my favourites, mushroom dishes: mushrooms in a cream sauce on toast – short but enough for a tasty dish midday.

Have a good day and keep safe.

Yes, there is even a small stream near the home where Mr. Swiss is.

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