Good Evening

How is this for a bright and sunny photo taking in the afternoon. It was really quite warm outside, a real early Spring Day. The sun was so inviting, but I was at home. I had a visitor, my cleaning lady Lucia was here as she offered to help me sort my computer bits and pieces as she knew someone that could use them for repairs on various computers. And here she is at work.

I asked her if she would mind me using a photo on the computer and she had no problem, so now you see this genius lady. She knew every cable use and every part. She is a genius with such gadgets and she helped me clear my four bags of bits and pieces and also cleared out a cupboard. Now for the first time I have breathing space. I have never seen so many cables and plugs, not to mention hundreds of CD Rom, just with nothing on them or ancient programmes that no-one would use today.

And look what we found. An old Olympus camera in perfect condition. Not only the camera but the charger and spare memory cards. The camera had not been touched for at least 10 years and it is now charging. As soon as I attached it to the electricity it seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as if to say “at last”. It is a very small camera and I hope that it will work. Obviously not the most modern, but it looks quite good.

I also busied myself this morning with continuing to process our tax documents. I now have it all organised but must wait until we have our estate meeting to permit the invoice for various charges so that I can include it and then I can forget the whole thing for a year – just pay the bills.

And that was my exciting day.