RDP Tuesday: Gristle

It might look a bit gristly, but it is a perfect piece of meat for the creation of steaks and not very cheap. It is a so-called dry aged piece, and I found an explanation.

“Dry-aged beef is beef that has been hung or placed on a rack to dry for several weeks. After the animal is slaughtered and cleaned, it is hung as a full or half carcass.”

I took the photo in the superarket.

RDP Tuesday: Gristle

Good Evening

A cloudy morning sunrise and it stayed that way all day with rain in between: really not my sort of thing. My computers were also playing up a bit and were a little slow. I think it was our local connection, but after closing down and restarting everything was OK again. Not even Facebook wanted to start and that almost never happens. Who wants Facebook anyhow – yes, I like to look in now and again and I do have people that I know there – mostly Brits.

I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon for an hour, but nothing new happening on his side. It is a strange situation visiting your husband. My cleaning lady visited today and she again solved a few computer puzzles I had with some strange objects that were attached to the electricity. She immediately knew what they were and so no problem. Tomorrow afternoon she is visiting me as a friend to clear out all the computer trash I have. She has various contacts that deal with such computer objects and can use them. I will be pleased when I at last have some space.

And success: today I received the tax declaration from my tax assistant for my son, the first I have ever done on my own. I am so proud. He has now signed it and it is ready to be sent in the special envelope supplied by the tax authorities. I am learning all the tricks now.

Otherwise I was crow decided to pay a visit in the garden, but did not stay very long. I think the food was not to his taste.

I had a flying demonstration from a sparrow, but the others were too busy foraging on the ground for food.

As I left Mr. Swiss the local train arrived, although did not stop and continued on its journey as it had no passengers to board or embark. And otherwise nothing special today.

I celebrated the arrival of my new duster. I had something similar, but it was old and no longer so fit. This is perfect as it reaches in high places and removes the dust perfectly. Probably may of you recognise it, as being made in Hong Kong they are usually international. I have a pack of 20 extra dusting heads and find it perfect. I now have a dust free appartement – I hope.

And that is all I have to say today. I leave you with a small wet bird who decided to sit on a branch in the rain for a photo by me.