Good Evening

Today was one of those days where I had no energy to write anything and photography was a bit of a lazy task. I already had a telephone call from the lady dealing with my son’s income tax. Two important bank documents were missing, but no problem. I found them on the bank web site and sent them off by e-mail It is the first time I am doing the tax forms on my own, Mr. Swiss usually did the organising although I was quite proud as everything else was perfect. I am learning slowly but surely, although yes, I do miss Mr. Swiss and today was miserable grey wet and windy and something was missing at home.

Although I was not so happy when I decided to tackle this drawer. It used to be under Mr. Swiss desk in the living room but I decided to move it to my desk in another room, although to use it I had to empty it. There were two drawers and the top one I had dealt with a couple of weeks ago, and now it was the turn of the bottom drawer. It was full of old invoices and documents dating back from the 1990’s. I threw a quick glance at them sorting something that might be important, which was not very much. You do not keep documents for longer than 10 years in Switerland and these were long overdue. Note the three bags ready for the next rubbish collection. I have now began to use the smaller bags as they can otherwise get quite heavy.

And look what I found.

It was the one and only time that I had a portrait drawn by an artist. It was in Paris and Mr. Swiss and I were on holiday for a week. We were in Monmartre where there are many so-called artists wanting to earn a few francs with a drawing and so we decided to take the plunge. This is the result of my drawing.

Mr. Swiss is sitting next to me on the right and the guy that drew me is standing on the right in front of the table. The guy sitting at the table drew Mr. Swiss. When I found the drawings it really brought a nice memory back.

I also discovered that our twice annual big rubbish collection is tomorrow for any large objects. Luckily my No. 1 son was at home this afternoon and he helped me to put our contributions outside. There are two collections and on the second day metal is collected. Although I had a few objects, old chairs, I discovered how much rubbish we have that I cannot put in the collection, mainly electric appliances and they have to be taken to another place, or if you are lucky (which I usually do) you smuggle them into the normal plastic bags.

And now to move on. I just hope the weather is better tomorrow. Stay safe