RDP Sunday: Rascal

When it is carnival time in our town, anything is allowed, although this year covid decided to not allow anything. Actually our powers that be in the town have now decided that all covid restrictions are now stopped: no more masks and no longer keep your distance, with the exception in hospitals and nursing homes. Preparing for the procession and the various balls needs time and this decision came a little too late for preparations. This year the rascals will not be climbing up poles, so we just have to make do with the photos from a few years ago. There has been no carnival now for a few years.

RDP Sunday: Rascal

Good Evening

And here we are again with the morning sunrise, although the sun decided it was not the best time and disappeared for the rest of the day: not that we had rain or storm, but there was more than a nip in the air and I even had to wear my gloves when I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon. He would be taking a journey to another village on Wednesday afternoon to get his booster jab and as he more or less lives in track suit trousers in the past few months I washed and ironed his one pair of jeans which still fit him after he lost so much weight. I decided for the visit to the vaccination place he might prefer to dress up a bit. The problem was choosing the belt that fits. I did not stay very long, just an hour.

Bird life was quite active in the garden, but it was mainly the sparrows – they were having a flying practice.

They seemed to be quite thirsty.

Or they decided to meet for a seed break on the bird house.

This little tit had the coconut shell to himself. They prefer hovering somewhere for their food. The problem is now that the level of supply is lower since so many birds have been eating the contents and now only his head is to be seen.

And that was my exciting day. One of the highlights was dinner with a lamb rack, french fries from the air fryer and Kohlrabi with a cream bechemel sauce which was quite a success with No. 1 son. And now I will depart for the Sunday evening, probably with the TV. Wishing all a good week ahead.