RDP Saturday: Teapot

Mr. Swiss brought this teapot into our married life 53 years ago. At the time I was not a tea drinker, but a coffee addict. Mr. Swiss drank his pot of tea during the day fresh, hot and not so fresh and cold in the evening. He just drank tea like others drank water. And he drank it all from this pot. This is not just any pot but an original iron pot. It is now an ornament and sits on a cupboard in the appartement, hence the layer of dust. I decided not to remove the dust for the photo. It is our pot and I find it has character. It is also quite a heavy pot.

Personally I only began to drink tea about ten years ago when I discovered that my digestive system no longer agreed with coffee. Now I like to drink my cup of tea with breakfast: just a tea bag in a cup with boiling water and leave it to brew in the cup. That is how I like to drink it, no sugar or milk and it gives me a good start to the day.

RDP Saturday: Teapot

Good Evening

Actually I did not really intend to be here this evening. I was again busy clearing two drawers that I do not think Mr. Swiss ever opened n the last couple of years. They were full of papers and I had a look as you never know if they are important or not. The important ones I put in a file and otherwise another bag for the rubbish collection. I was multi tasking and cooking something for the evening meal – just some ready made filled pasta with a tomato sauce which I made. When I was finished No. 1 son arrived, we ate together and I realised I could perhaps fit something in a daily blog, so here I am.

I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon and brought him some chocolate according to his request. I still had some of his favourite chocolate in the fridge and now he has it in his room at the home.

On the way I scootered past the new building in our estate. After a couple of months they have now started to construct the first floor. I can imagine until Autumn the building will be standing and ready for the first customers. Today with their Lego building system of completed walls it is just a matter of fitting it all together.

The Jura mountain chain was also showing itself at its best with a nice line of clouds. there is still some snow where the restaurant is on the Weisssenstein mountain, but that will soon disappear.

And as it is really just a quick visit, I will now move on for a Saturday evening with the TV. I also have a machine of laundry to run, but that is no big problem. May you be having a good week-end.