Good Evening

I was going to begin with our sunrise this morning, but suddenly noticed how strong the sun was reflecting outside in the glass of the windows this evening, so I took a closer look, with my camera of course. The sun always sets behind the Jura mountains and was on its way so it was really a glorious sunset with a touch of drama. It was almost like a landscape painting, although it was the real thing. I did not even touch up the photo, all natural shades of nature. There was no storm here in Switzerland, just a little more windy than usual and a bit of a nip in the air.

At midday it looked quite friendly with a nice cloudy sky and a blue background. I had an afternoon at home as I changed my bed linen yesterday and I had my duvet and cushion cover to iron, with a few other garments.

I had a call from the home where Mr. Swiss is to say that they have now organised for him to have his booster jab for Covid next week. They really look after their golden oldies, although Mr. Swiss is not so enthusiastic about the exercises he has to practice to strengthen his leg muscles for walking, especially because they do them outside in the grounds. He would prefer a nice quiet relaxation time instead, but I find it a good idea that he is given some action now and again. My No. 1 son brought his new contract home today for his now full time daily work and it is looking good. Funny how you have so many disappointments in life and suddenly everything begins to look better.

I did some furniture moving today. It is really astonishing how much dust gathers behind a cupboard all on its own. And that was my exciting eventful day. I did misplace my telephone this morning and had no idea where it could be. Luckily No. 1 son arrived home from work and found it by calling it with his iPhone. I had left it in the shower room of all places.

And now is the promised photo of this morning’s sunrise. Have fun and remember, the week-end is almost here.