Good Evening

That was a cloudy morning and it rained – just once, but all day. It did not bother me so much in the morning as I was not going anywhere in particular. I was busy putting new linen on my bed. I also cleaned under the bed and dusted down the bed frame as dust gathers everywhere. I am planning on a new bed. I have two possiblities. I could get a bed suited for golden oldies but I do not like them. The have a wooden frame around them and I not yet ready for that. We always had two beds together and now I only need one. I am thinking of a so-called double bed, 140×200 which would fit nicely for me: wide enough so that I would not fall out. There is no rush, but I will have to get a new mattress and linen. I think after 53 years I deserve something new.

Meanwhile I continue on my cleaning session at home. I have now almost finished the shelves in my office. I have a few finishing touches, but now I know what I have.

I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon for an hour. I parked my scooter outside and thought it would stop raining, but it did not. The result was that I had to wipe it down before riding home and it was covered in rain. It looks like the rain will stay for a few days. It is probably a result of the storms that Britain are experiencing at the moment.

And that is all I have to say today. My No. 1 son again worked throughout the day so I am now really on my own during the day but it does not bother me too much. I can always find something to pass the time. I leave you with the evening sky which does look a little better with some bright clouds.

Stay safe and well, until tomorrow

11 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. It is nice you can drive your scooter over to see Mr. Swiss at your convenience. Maybe soon they will have those robot driven mini busses and you can ride one of those or your visit. Thanks for the great photos. Take care, stayt safe, and have a great day, SLP ..

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