Good Evening

It was a wet day today, so no nice sunrises and colourful skies. The birds decided to stay under cover. You can see the raindrops falling.

I had a few things to deal with from my tidying operations and now everything if looking good, although I still have a long way to go. My poor No. 1 son has to carry the heavy bags to the rubbish container. It is amazing how heavy even just piles of paper can be.

Our Swiss government has decided that the strict laws of Covid protection will be relaxed from tomorrow meaning that these masks might be a thing of the past, only to be seen one day in a museum. They are convinced that we are now at the end of the trials and tribulations of the covid horrors and we can now move without a mask. I must admit I have only been wearing the mask according to the law which was in the stores and nursing homes. I always had to wear a mask when visiting Mr. Swiss and that will remain for some time. We also still have to wear them on public transport. Otherwise no more mask wearing in the stores and will I be glad. My glasses always steamed up and I could read nothing on the food packets. Now I can even recognise the people that greet me and they can recognise me.

No. 1 son had to work the whole day today and so I spent lunch on my own with my chilli hamburger, butternut squash and roasted potatoes. He has been employed on a half day basis for a couple of years which has worked OK. It is a small engineering company and now it seems they have enough work to employ him full time. His boss always had faith in him and he is a good worker. From next month he will be working full time again. I noticed he had been working on a different machine lately, a little more complicated, but it is no problem for him. I find it quite positive and of course more wages.

In the meanwhile this magpie was quick to realise there were walnuts on offer in the garden,

He also found a peanut. I do not know how they do it. If I spread a few nuts in the garden they suddenly appear from nowhere and take their reward, Is it sense of smell or sight?

Time to go and leave the birds to their own thing,.