Good Evening

This was an evening photo. I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon as I had to bring him his beard trimmer after finding the cable to upload it into working condition again at home. Not a super photo, but it was with my smart phone. You can see the Solothurn cathedral in the background.

And how is this for a nicely tidy corner. At last my cable salad is no longer. Today my cleaning lady came. I told her about my computer dilemma with the jumble of cables and so she set to work on it. That lady has talents and I was astonished. She saw immediately where the problems were and she recognised every cable and attachment. She found many cables were not even connected and not needed. It seems Mr. Swiss had just added another cable when he did something new. She had it all in perfect condition in two hours and even cleaned behind the cupboard next to it and the floor. The router is now on the cupboard and my computers (the Apple and Windows) are on the desk. She even found a three way plug which I can use not only for the computer but to charge my phone or anything else I might need. The nasty cable on the floor for the loudspeaker to the radio is now behind the cupboard where she also found a few cables that were just laying there and not attached to anything That lady is worth her weight in gold and now I am happy. The dust and dirt has now disappeared

I noticed how much she enjoyed the work and she said it was fun. She will now visit in her own time so that we can examine what we have for various computer parts and what we can use or not. And that was my morning.

Otherwise nothing really exciting happened today except that I got two income tax bills to pay. That will also be a new experience for me, although online payments are now a routine for me on my phone. The tax people send the bills for the State tax in three instalments and the federal tax in just one bill. They are now all computerised with scanning involved which makes it easier to pay, although not cheaper.

Today my photos were scarce although on the way home from Mr. Swiss I managed a photo of the local castle which is on the way.

And I will now move on to other tasks. Have a good day