RDP Monday: Slender

“How do you manage to stay so slender Mr. Earthworm?”

“No problem. Everything I eat just passes through my body and does not stay.”

“You mean you do not do any exercises to keep your weight stable.”

“No need to. I just eat as I go. I have my own method of digestion. We worms never suffer from overweight. Our diet of earth can get a little boring sometimes, but we never have weight problems.”

“Sounds very healthy.”

“I suppose it is. We never have problems with our digestion. We just recycle everything.”

RDP Monday: Slender

2 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Slender

  1. My one great revulsion when it comes to animals is earthworms. When I was seven or eight, a bunch of boys took me down and smeared earthworms into my new Easter coat and I have had a revulsion for them ever since.

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