Good Evening

And another day dawns on my little village in Switzerland with a nice colourful sunrise. However, the sun stayed only in the morning and in the afternoon the rains came. It did not bother me so much as I had planned on a day at home.

Every bag, box, container I discover and open is a collection of various unknown computer objects, wires and plugs. The ones that really look important and what are clear to me I keep. Otherwise they are collected in our black bin bags for disposal. The bags are on the porch table. If it were just a few objects it would not bother me, but there are tons of them and all look alike. They are lying in places that no-one has touched for years. I even found computer documentation from Windows 95 which really brought me back to the past. The problem is now to dispose of it all but little by little it is going to the happy computer hunting grounds.

I do not even look at the little compact disks which have been out of use since the last century and we have at least 100 pieces. What is on them is now unknown. The useful appliances I am putting on one side for my No. 2 son to have a look at. I even found a complete set of colour refills for our printer which had not even been opened. I ordered a completely new set a month ago and they are expensive enough. If I had known I could have saved some money.

I now have a collection of cardboard to put in the next collection next week.

In between I still manage to capture a few photos of some visiting birds like this robin.

Some interesting photos also appeared from the days when Mr, Swiss was active as a drummer in a few local jazz groups. I will be sorting them tomorrow.

They were the good old days. I still have his two sets of drums and the electric set for practising in the hobby room in the cellar. I will keep them for a while, although no-one will be playing on them in the near future. They are easy to dispose of as we still have connections to the music world in our town.

And now to move on. Tomorrow I will be visiting Mr. Swiss in his home. Have a good day every one and stay healthy and fit.

16 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Electronic waste is hard to get rid of sometimes. The small TV station I run had about twelve years’ worth of cables, old computers, cameras, and such. We were lucky in finding someone who took it all for free – after about a half year of it sitting around. Looks like you had luck getting rid of yours.

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    • I just smuggle it in the normal trash bags.They hold 60 liter of rubbish so little by little it will disappear. It might take a few weeks or months, but it will go eventually.


  2. I finally managed to get it together to throw out hundred of “floppy discs” for which there isn’t even a reader, so whatever is on them is worthless. I also finally tossed all the manuals for systems I no longer have and were mostly obsolete by at least a dozen years or more. It’s astonishing how much of this stuff we collect. I don’t know why we keep it. Fear that we’ll throw out the one thing we do need? Some of that stuff is recyclable, so maybe there is someplace you can put it? All those connectors and wires are recyclable. Probably not the discs but a lot of other stuff. Maybe they have a collection for old electronic items. We used to have one in Boston.

    Good luck and keep breathing. Hugs from us both.

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    • I havn’t found any floppies up to now which is also a wonder. I was astonished to see how many manuals and magazines there were. OK it married to a hoarder it seems. When he bought something new he just kept the old ones. I am now clearing out everything I no longer need. I still have a cupboard full of clothes to sort which no longer will be worn.


  3. I think this is something we can all relate to. I had a garage full of old computer stuff to sort and dispose of at the old house. Fixing old computers was David’s hobby and he liked collecting old ones so there was tons of stuff out there that had to be disposed of.

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    • I have two computers to dispose of but they are not so old and out of date. I will give Mr Swiss computer to No 2 son. It certainly seems to be a modern problem with computer spare parts

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  4. I sympathise with the obsolete cables and equipment. My husband’s study is stuffed to bursting with things that could go but which he insists he still uses. I caught him out once by sticking labels with dates on some of the boxes and waited to see if he would find them. He hasn’t yet!! Which proves my point. There must be lots that can be recycled – do you have the equivalent of scrap metal yards? One near us recovers the cable cores which are melted down, presumably to make more.

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