RDP Sunday: Thread

Today’s thread is a post card I received yesterday. It seemed to have come from a group of chickens, but it was an invitation from a chicken farm in the region to adopt a chicken. All the eggs that the chicken laid would be my own personal eggs delivered to my house. The chickens tell me that they are fed with biological food including herbs and Omega 3 whatever that is. Delivery would be every two weeks, but the price of 35 or 32 Swiss Francs for 10 or 6 eggs I found to be a little expensive. You also have the reassurance that when your chicken no longer lays eggs he will not be disposed of as most chickens. No, he goes to a retirement home for chickens to live his life until he days are done. How reassuring, but I do not think I will take advantage of this offer.

RDP Sunday: Thread

Good Evening

How is this for a morning sunrise? It certainly woke me up when I took my first look of the day outside. It was accompanied with another sunny day, although tomorrow it seems that rain will be heading our way. Today I visited my other half in his senior home. I thought it would be crowded with visitors being a Sunday, but I was almost the only visitor there. I am only allowed to visit in his room due to covid precautions. It seems he does have some contact with the other residents, mainly at meal times. They prefer that people eat together in the dining room rather than alone in their room and I find that a good idea that they have contact with others.

Mr. Swiss has two electric shavers. One is for the general shave and the other for trimming his beard. I brought both to his home, but the beard trimmer needs uploading and he did not have the cable which I did not realise he needed. Of course I said I would bring it the next time, hoping that in my state of tidying everything I had not disposed of it. When I returned home I searched through the disposal bag full of unwanted objects and found the cable, even two of them. I breathed a sigh of relief and uploaded his shaver at home.

I am re-organising at home. My office is now looking more like an office. Mr. Swiss had a cabinet on wheels under his desk and I have now put it next to my desk. It was full of old computer magazines which are from the old Windows 98 days (who remembers that computer system?). I do not think he had even looked in the desk for at least 20-30 years.

I mainly do my writing in the living room on Mr. Swiss old desk, which looks a bit of a mess at the moment. I had removed the cabinet which is now in my office room and there are a few cables to be re-organised. My computer guy will be coming next week so we will see what can be done. The thick wire under the desk belongs to one of the loudspeakers on our music system, but I will be moving the loudspeaker when everything is organised. I showed Mr. Swiss the photos and he finds that I am quite right to re-organise.

Otherwise I took a few photos on my way to his home. These trees almost look like the Ents in the book Lord of the Rings, but that did not move or speak, and just stood there.

I had a good view of our local mountain, the Weissenstein with its so-called bib covered with snow in front of the hotel at the top.

I think I must be saving money on our electric bills as I have not watched the TV for the past 3-4 days. I will now move on and trust you had a good week-end. Tomorrow is back to the normal week days. I have ordered my groceries for delivery on Tuesday and discovered I really did not need so much.

I leave you with another local view of the Jura as was on my way home from my visit. Stay safe and well.