RDP Saturday: Hug

Sorry but this was all I could do with hug, which is actually not a hug, but at least the models are touching each other. I though I would definitely find a few huggers in town, but today no-one really hugs so much as they used to, it is now done with touching elbows and perhaps a smile.

It does not bother me too much, I was never a huggy person and I cannot remember in my younger years that the greeting amongst friends was a big hug and even accompanied by a peck on the cheek. This all seemed to start with the teenagers and youngsters in their twenties about 10 years ago that instead of a smile you really got down to wrapping your arms around each other. I have a very dear friend in England, and as she said “we don’t do that sort of thing” and we have never hugged, but our feelings for each other are not less, we just do not hug. I think I have reserved my hugs for Mr. Swiss over the years.

So now you will have to be saisfied with the three models on the photo. If they had faces I wonder how they would look.

RDP Saturday:Hug

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